Thursday, January 23

The End.

I decided to stop blogging here. I loved my blog and it brought me so many good things in those past 4 years. But I lost passion between those billions of blogs I see everyday. Blogging is not what it used to be anymore.

But these are not the reasons of my departure. No. So, why ? Because I found myself so in love with the project we launch 2 years ago : The little time I own is dedicated to it and my blog was kind of forgotten. I had so many ideas to for article subject here, but I never found the will to go on and type. I lost this thrill you get. This excitment you feel. Although I would still love to write here, share here, be here, it is not what I really want today.

I decided to share all those little things of the everyday life through my different social media account cause micro-blogging is the thing.

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Thursday, November 21

Latest Obsession : Zara November 2013

This silhouette represents just my latest cravings and my biggest crush.
BOY, Zara, you got me. 
The End

Sunday, November 17

Back Me Up Here : I've been tricked

Tricked by life. How ? Well, I've always said that I didn't know how to dress lady-like cause I hated dresses and skirt and too feminine stuff (with limits of course). But once you get a job in an semi luxury department store, things change. Go on and read the rest.

Saturday, November 9

Deco details

So here are some deco details of the new appartment. I can't stop buying, thinking, imagining so that this place becomes the one I wished for. Deco shopping has never been more fun. But when I see how it turned out, I never thought my place would look like that. Read more to get my point.

Wednesday, October 2

I'm moving

Yes, i do. I'm moving. It is the kind of step in your life of which you barely thought about. Having my own appartement (sharing with the BF actually) so soon, finding a job (besides the Magazine) so soon, what's next ? Will I be pregnant or what ?

Thursday, September 5

Black Hat in Stoneheaven

I'm back from all my travelling around the world. As I said in my last post, I tend to visit other cities while staying in Aberdeen. After Edimburgh, it was Stoneheaven. A little city in the south of Aberdeen. The landscapes were incredible and it was the perfect scene to shoot a quite simple outfit. Clicky if you want to know more !

Friday, August 23

Blue Jeans in Edimburgh

While visiting my boyfriend in Aberdeen, we decided to travel a bit in the cities around. Edimburgh was the first stop. The city is based on hills so you can find some pretty good spots with an amazing view.  You can also find a lot of second hand book shops, typical scottish shops and little cafés with sunny terraces.