Monday, July 4

A Dream Come True

As bloggers, we always wish to reach Andy's or Chiara's level and be invited to those great events. Well, sometimes, luck decides to be by your side and to let you have that one lifetime experience: The Eurostar train, in collaboration with The Regent Street, gave us the chance to enjoy the first day of sales in London by inviting us to the "Regent Tweet" event! Can you believe that? I couldn't!

It was an amazing day and I felt like a princess: everyone is smilling at you, enjoying the fact that you came, offering you gifts here, champagne there, etc. I told you, just like a dream came true!

Mister Smets was our Eurostar guide and invited us to travel in first class: Breakfast, comfy seats and the Belgian Bloggers Team, everything started perfectly! When we arrived there, we were welcomed like VIPs: two nice ladies were waiting for us, photographers, cameras, flashes... Time to take the pose!

Then we discovered our Basecamp which was upstairs a Swarovski shop and we were given instructions: shopping and twitting all day! What else?!

We went through Regent Street first, an amazing street with so many shops and a beautiful and unique architecture! We visited Calvin Klein, Godiva, Penhaligon's, Anthropologie, Hawes and Curtis, Brook Brothers and Liberty. Then we went to Topshop and Primark in which we stayed all the afternoon! (yeah that's sales days baby!).

We came back with so many bags that two hands were not enough anymore! We were so lucky to have such good weather and this incredible team by our side which planned so well this one day trip in London!

I thank so much Mr. Bram Smets, the Eurostar Team, the great organisers of this fabulous event "Regent Tweet" in London and this sweet collaboration between Eurostar and Regent Street's shops!

I had an amazing day with my too bloggers friend, Axelle and Kate (thank you girls for the borrowed pictures!). You can also check their post for more info on that particular day or just search for the hash tag #regenttweet on twitter to live it again!

I also thank the Belmodo TV Team who made this great video of our trip! Check it out here


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  1. looks like you had so much fun! wished i couldve bin there, don't forget to show us what you bought :D xx