Sunday, July 17

Where To Go?

If tonight was a girls night out in Brussels, where should we go?

About a month and a half ago, I was invited to join a group of bloggers for a sweet sweet dinner at the restaurant " Les Super Filles du Tram".
I didn't know the place but the idea of discovering a new one and meeting two new girls was enough to make me get up of my bed of depression during exams session!

So we went there and we had a great girls dinner out: talking, bitching, laughing and of course eating! The place is known for their burgers but that night, I choosed the wise side by taking a Tartine de Saumon. And It was really good! On the other hand I couldn't resist a dessert (did you say wise side?) and a fresh mint tea.The gateau au fromage blanc was quite tasting!

I recommend this place for any food lover! Just know that you should take a reservation and ask for a table NOT next to the kitchen! (My hair smelled fried stuff when we got out, ew)

Les Super Filles du Tram
Rue Lesbroussart 22-1050 Ixelles



  1. And bitching we did. But nice bitching, isn't it? ;-)


  2. mmmh ça avit l'air trop bon! On retournera ensemble? Tu me manques!!

  3. Quelle belle soirée nous avons passé... il faut qu'on organise la suivante!!! Qui s'en charge? J'ai djà plein d'idées d'endroits sympa #brusselsloveuzzZ

  4. Lovely blog hun :)
    Follow each other?

  5. Super sympa ! :-) Vous me tenez au courant de la prochaine virée gastronomique :p ?

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