Saturday, November 26

Christmas Spirit

Christmas is my favorite period of the year. I feel like I'm 7 again and that Santa still exists. I love to write my letter and make a list of my wishes. I love being around the people I love while sharing a great meal (yeah food is my everything), talking, laughing and enjoying every second. Christmas has this spirit I can't resist.
Pictures taken with my new perfect camera (Canon D1000) on the Christmas Market in Brussels.

What are your favorite things about this joyful period?



  1. Trop belles photos!!
    Moi j'avoue que c'est aussi le repas de Noël que j'aime le plus #gourmandeunjour...

  2. J'adore le marché de Noël à Bxl, c'est juste trop beau :) Tu as déjà fait la grand roue?

    Des bisous,