Thursday, July 28

Forever 21

Chères compatriotes belges, vous n'êtes sûrement pas s'en savoir que le géant Forever 21 ouvre enfin ses portes en Belgique et plus précisement à Bruxelles ce 30 juillet!
Je suis déçue de rater cet événement car je serai toujours au Liban mais je vous souhaite à toutes de vous lâcher!!!! A vos portefeuilles!

J'ai quand même fait une sélection de quelques silhouettes de la collection de cet été, rien que pour baver un peu plus devant mon ordi ...

Mais je ne perd pas de temps! La collection FW 11 ne m'échappera pas! Voici déjà mes coups de coeur à venir!

Rendez vous Rue Neuve, ce 30 juillet 2011, pour une expérience unique! Car en plus de l'ouverture, les 500 premières arrivées recevront un cadeau exclusif Forever21!!

Monday, July 25

What I like about Holidays

30 Seconds to Mars concert + "Rebirth" exhibition in Beirut + Days at the beach + Partying + Coffee break = Summer

Tuesday, July 19

Cross T

Isn't it funny that half my legs are tanned and half not? Share some tanning advice please it would be great !

Tshirt: UO
Shorts: F21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: DIY

What I like the most when I'm in Lebanon is that my boyfriend is there to take some outfit pictures!
I hope you all enjoy your summer holidays!

Sunday, July 17

Where To Go?

If tonight was a girls night out in Brussels, where should we go?

About a month and a half ago, I was invited to join a group of bloggers for a sweet sweet dinner at the restaurant " Les Super Filles du Tram".
I didn't know the place but the idea of discovering a new one and meeting two new girls was enough to make me get up of my bed of depression during exams session!

So we went there and we had a great girls dinner out: talking, bitching, laughing and of course eating! The place is known for their burgers but that night, I choosed the wise side by taking a Tartine de Saumon. And It was really good! On the other hand I couldn't resist a dessert (did you say wise side?) and a fresh mint tea.The gateau au fromage blanc was quite tasting!

I recommend this place for any food lover! Just know that you should take a reservation and ask for a table NOT next to the kitchen! (My hair smelled fried stuff when we got out, ew)

Les Super Filles du Tram
Rue Lesbroussart 22-1050 Ixelles


Friday, July 15

One Lovely Blog Award

I thank so much Irma from the blog for giving me this lovely blog award! It's always a pleasure to know that great persons read you from time to time :) Thanks again Irma!

I've just discovered how does this rewarding idea works:

- Thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
- Copy and paste the logo in your blog.
- Share 7 things about yourself.
- Nominate 16 other great bloggers.
- Finally, comment and let them know of the award!

Cool, right? It makes each one of us discover other blogs!

Now, 7 things about myself, hmmm...

1) I love chocolate, it's kind of a drug.
2) I'm a lunatic.
3) Diets never work, I love food too much.
4) My dream: Live in New York.
5) One word: Believe!
6) Fashion is a world apart and I love to discover it every day.
7) My blog changed the way I use to live my life, crazy huh?

And here is my selection of inspiring fashion blogs:

Tuesday, July 12

Monday, July 4

A Dream Come True

As bloggers, we always wish to reach Andy's or Chiara's level and be invited to those great events. Well, sometimes, luck decides to be by your side and to let you have that one lifetime experience: The Eurostar train, in collaboration with The Regent Street, gave us the chance to enjoy the first day of sales in London by inviting us to the "Regent Tweet" event! Can you believe that? I couldn't!

It was an amazing day and I felt like a princess: everyone is smilling at you, enjoying the fact that you came, offering you gifts here, champagne there, etc. I told you, just like a dream came true!

Mister Smets was our Eurostar guide and invited us to travel in first class: Breakfast, comfy seats and the Belgian Bloggers Team, everything started perfectly! When we arrived there, we were welcomed like VIPs: two nice ladies were waiting for us, photographers, cameras, flashes... Time to take the pose!

Then we discovered our Basecamp which was upstairs a Swarovski shop and we were given instructions: shopping and twitting all day! What else?!

We went through Regent Street first, an amazing street with so many shops and a beautiful and unique architecture! We visited Calvin Klein, Godiva, Penhaligon's, Anthropologie, Hawes and Curtis, Brook Brothers and Liberty. Then we went to Topshop and Primark in which we stayed all the afternoon! (yeah that's sales days baby!).

We came back with so many bags that two hands were not enough anymore! We were so lucky to have such good weather and this incredible team by our side which planned so well this one day trip in London!

I thank so much Mr. Bram Smets, the Eurostar Team, the great organisers of this fabulous event "Regent Tweet" in London and this sweet collaboration between Eurostar and Regent Street's shops!

I had an amazing day with my too bloggers friend, Axelle and Kate (thank you girls for the borrowed pictures!). You can also check their post for more info on that particular day or just search for the hash tag #regenttweet on twitter to live it again!

I also thank the Belmodo TV Team who made this great video of our trip! Check it out here