Friday, June 22

Travelling !!

Today I'm flying to South of France for 6 days! I can't wait to enjoy the sun and the pool all day long. As it is a light flight, I chose to take some beauty samples I have been putting aside and it is high time I tried those: this week is the perfect time. I packed some dresses, sandals and wedges, vintage shorts, fringe tops, sunglasses and my crown of flowers. What are you guys up to for this week?

Bye bye! 


  1. my week is about going to the hairdresser, working at my studentjob and on the magazine, going to the spa,...

    I'll also try new samples like I usually do on sundays ;)

    Have fun! I'll miss you!

  2. Sounds like a perfect vacation to me!! The south of France? Ooh la la!!! Have fun!