Saturday, July 21

My Beauty Stuff: Facial Products

Well, you've already met all my hair products here. Now it is time that I present to you my facial products. There is a lot of them but I don't use all of them everyday. Each one has a specific role in my daily care and their use often depend on my mood. Today I'll show you my favorite cleansing products as it is the first step in everyone's daily care treatment.

  • My last purchase in makeup remover is the Gentle Cleansing Milk by Kibio. I have a sensible skin which reacts very fast when it doesn't like a product. Cleansing micellar water are not for me as they tend to dry my skin so I needed something more creamy and soft. I highly recommend that product since it is made with natural ingredients and it leaves a soft, smooth and clean skin. If you don't like lemongrass, it is best not to buy the Kibio Cleansing Milk since the smell is quite strong when using it.

  • After the makeup remover if I'm going to sleep or as a first step If I just woke up, I use the Liquid Facial Soap Extra-Mild by Clinique. It cleans the skin perfectly and leaves it hydrated and soft all day long. I love the fact it is a creamy texture and not a gelly one so when you apply it on your skin it feels comfy and fresh.

  • My last step, and actually the one I prefer, is the tonic part. I have two tonics and their use depend on my mood. They are both great products. The first one is the Toning Lotion by Caudalie. I love that brand since it uses naturel ingredients, it is without paraben and its main strength is the grape-seed Polyphenols. I use this one when I feel really tired and I want a fresh boost. It contains mint, galbanum and vinolevure for a cooling effect and it hydrates the skin at the same time. The second lotion I use is the Gentle Toning Lotion by Dior. I had a crush on it when I saw the Dior team using it in the backstage of La Cambre Show in Brussels so I bought it. I love the smell of peonies (my favorite flowers), the sensation on the skin it gives and the package. I use it after my cleansing milk as an alternative to the Clinique facial soap or in the morning when I want to feel comfy (mostly on weekends).

So here are my favorite cleansing and tonic products. I'll get back with the next steps soon. What are your favorite products for that first step? Do you recommend something? Have you already tested these ones?


  1. oh i need to try them !
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  2. Great products! =)