Thursday, August 30

Greece last and final part!

I spent the last day visiting Fillermos and the Old Town from North to South. 

Fillermos is a place settled on the top of a hill from which you have an amazing view of the west coast. You can visit a monastery and Athena's temple remains there.

Before entering the Old Town, we spent some time near the military and commercial port where there used to be the Colosseum statue which was sadly destroyed a long time ago. In the Old Town, every building use to have a function at the time of the Templers. You'll also see the Archeological Museum which was an hospital for the knights back then. Next to it there is the street of the knights and their beautiful castle at the end of it. They use to meet there to prepare and plan their next step to reach Jerusalem.

We walked so much that a Starbucks was the best way to end that day! Don't miss the restaurant Mama Sofia in the Old Town! They are very friendly and the food is great!

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  1. Amazing pictures!! Makes me soo happy to go to greece!! :)