Monday, August 20

Greece part I

Here are the first pictures took on our first days in Rhodos. It was all about relaxing: pool, tanning and going out to the Old Town for dinner. It is really a beautiful little town full of souvenirs shop, small churches where you can have a great view if you climb to the top, greek restaurants and narrowed streets. The sunset is beautiful there as it hides behind the roofs of these small houses.


  1. oh my, that looks like heaven!! and I have the trousers matching your shirt.
    I'm following you on GFC, please check my blog and follow if you like it!


  2. Ive been only to Korfu but Rhodos looks definitely more beautiful:)

  3. it´s cool a very creative blog. @paquetevistasbi

  4. it´s cool a very creative blog. @paquetevistasbi