Saturday, August 18

Who are you?

Sometimes they are campaigns or ads that make you think. United Colors of Benetton, Yves Rocher, Peta and so on. I recently discovered the VILA campaign. VILA is a Danish fashion brand which tries to make us see that confidence is what makes you be a woman only if you stay true to you. You don't buy it, you wear it  and work on it everyday.

Your heel breaks when walking on the street, you walk in a dog shit, a car passes and throws water on you, your skirt rips, your boss screams at you, you feel fat... Well, it happens. People may laugh at you or judge you and these are the moments when you feel really really small. It is for this reason that I loved the Vila campaign.

Keep smiling, show the world that it is not THAT that will stop you from being you! Confidence is not an attitude, it is to be. Just be YOU. Confidence is not for sale, it is what you learn, everyday, a little bit more.

"The collections must give our customers that feeling of confidence as they stand in the fitting room.”

Take a look at the video,you'll get my point.   

Do you have these moments? Which are your favorite campaign? What did you think of this one?

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  1. Such an interesting campaign!! Love it, thanks for sharing!