Thursday, August 30

Greece last and final part!

I spent the last day visiting Fillermos and the Old Town from North to South. 

Fillermos is a place settled on the top of a hill from which you have an amazing view of the west coast. You can visit a monastery and Athena's temple remains there.

Before entering the Old Town, we spent some time near the military and commercial port where there used to be the Colosseum statue which was sadly destroyed a long time ago. In the Old Town, every building use to have a function at the time of the Templers. You'll also see the Archeological Museum which was an hospital for the knights back then. Next to it there is the street of the knights and their beautiful castle at the end of it. They use to meet there to prepare and plan their next step to reach Jerusalem.

We walked so much that a Starbucks was the best way to end that day! Don't miss the restaurant Mama Sofia in the Old Town! They are very friendly and the food is great!

Monday, August 27

Greece part II

Well here is a load of pictures! I really needed to put all of them. That day we went in Lindos, a small greek village on the east coast of the island of Rhodos.The village is hidden in a small bay and has a breathtaking view on the sea. 

Lindos is one typical greek village with white houses, narrow and steep streets, little cafés, just like those postcards you see. Unfortunatelly, it is also a big tourist attraction since you can ride donkeys to the top of the village to see the Acropolis of Lindos and lots of remains. This made the greek people open LOTS of souvenir shops in the village and that is when Lindos loses its charms.

From the top you have a view I have never seen before! From one side you can see a village, from another you can see the marvellous St Paul's Bay, from another the sea and its infinity... Lindos is a stop you must do but really early in the morning!

Monday, August 20

Greece part I

Here are the first pictures took on our first days in Rhodos. It was all about relaxing: pool, tanning and going out to the Old Town for dinner. It is really a beautiful little town full of souvenirs shop, small churches where you can have a great view if you climb to the top, greek restaurants and narrowed streets. The sunset is beautiful there as it hides behind the roofs of these small houses.

Saturday, August 18

Who are you?

Sometimes they are campaigns or ads that make you think. United Colors of Benetton, Yves Rocher, Peta and so on. I recently discovered the VILA campaign. VILA is a Danish fashion brand which tries to make us see that confidence is what makes you be a woman only if you stay true to you. You don't buy it, you wear it  and work on it everyday.

Your heel breaks when walking on the street, you walk in a dog shit, a car passes and throws water on you, your skirt rips, your boss screams at you, you feel fat... Well, it happens. People may laugh at you or judge you and these are the moments when you feel really really small. It is for this reason that I loved the Vila campaign.

Keep smiling, show the world that it is not THAT that will stop you from being you! Confidence is not an attitude, it is to be. Just be YOU. Confidence is not for sale, it is what you learn, everyday, a little bit more.

"The collections must give our customers that feeling of confidence as they stand in the fitting room.”

Take a look at the video,you'll get my point.   

Do you have these moments? Which are your favorite campaign? What did you think of this one?

Monday, August 13

Pictures in a box Part XII: Greece

Before I upload the pictures I took with my camera in Greece, here are the ones I took with instagram during my trip!

Enjoy and have a nice week!