Sunday, October 28

In my hears: Beirut

I wanted to share one of the bands I love the most with the ones who pass by this blog. Do you know the group Beirut? Well here are some of my favorite hits. Feel free to discover the rest of their hits on youtube cause their just delightful. Close your eyes and let your mind wander.

Monday, October 15

Peachoo Krejberg

Well I'm back ... for now. I wanted to share those pictures I took at the Peachoo Krejberg show. It was the show I loved the most for its simplicity and its spirit. I found myself in every piece and I hope the brand will grow fast because the two designers behind it made it unique. While color pieces, floral tops and wide pants are seen on the other shows, Peachoo Krejberg imposes its own style.

You can read and see more on the article I wrote for (In)significant Magazine just HERE.

What do you think?

Tuesday, October 2

First Day of Paris Fashion Week

I went last Wednesday in Paris for Fashion Week (which explains the lack of posts these days) and I had a great experience. Compared to last year, when we went for (In)significant Magazine's launch, we actually entered some shows.

On Wednesday I saw the Peachoo Krejberg show which is a brand I've never heard of but I quite fell in love with it!

I'll make a post about it because it deserves it but for now on here's the outfit I was wearing that day.