Sunday, December 30

What I Would Wear

Those pieces gathered together are the perfect combo to go have dinner with some friends or even for work. I just love those large leather pants, they look SO comfy and I would just wear them everyday if  I could! 

You can wear them with everything. I would also see them with a large grey tee with black writtings on it and some slippers, like the velvet Miu Miu (of my dreams) in blue or red and a dark red lipstick! Well that's kind of inspiring for my next post... Have a nice Sunday.

Pixie Market

Wednesday, December 26

What I Would Wear

I got a bit tired of showing my outfits because I don't feel comfortable posing so I've decided to do a "What I Would Wear" category. Plus, it is more fun to play with clothes you wish you had. And also because I feel comfy in my pj's. So cheers to my first imaginary outfit!

Which piece do you prefer?


Tuesday, December 25

Monday, December 17

Pictures in a Box Part XIII: Christmas Spirit

1. The Brussels Christmas Market
2. New Look SS2013 Preview
3. Graphie Sud's shopwindow
4. My two new favorites
5. Louboutin SS2013 Preview at Smets
6. Just finished one of my favorite product :(
7. Having a hot chocolate in Antwerpen
8. Having fun with (In) Mag girls while discovering Zalando SS2013 collection
9. THE DAY I met my sex symbil: Milo Ventimiglia in Antwerp
10. New Iphone Cover by Pauker
11. My Christmas Tree 
12. Wrapping the gifts :D


Wednesday, December 12

DIY Project: The Liberty Beanie

I think that I'll spend my Sunday making this beanie. I want it and I'll have it! 

Tuesday, December 4


I don't know why but lately I feel dreamy (like a lot)... I want to escape the office and dive into a big sea, feel the sun, buy everything I want, eat chocolate all day long and swim like a mermaid. Weird you said?
Well, back to reality, here are the pictures responsible for my state of mind!
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