Thursday, January 10

Toffe Nut Latte ♥

My latte is a must, everyday and even twice a day or so. I go crazy over the Starbucks one and especially the toffee nut latte. Since all my money was invested in those Starbucks latte, I've decided to spice up my simple home made latte with Toffe sirup and it did the trick!

For an even better taste, I choose the macadamia nut or hazelnut variation of Nespresso. Don't hesitate to smash some nuts in a bowl and pour some over your milk, it is so delicious and crunchy!

And this song is the one I love to listen when sipping my latte on a Sunday afternoon...

1 comment:

  1. I think that it's pretty important to try to keep from spending every single dollar or dime or peso or euro on coffee products, tempting as it may be! I've had to limit myself to only getting one latte once a week. I was really surprised when my skin cleared up after doing that - I guess it didn't like the sugar, caffeine, and milk.