Saturday, February 16

Latest Obsession: White Hair

Lately I've been obsessed with white hair. You may know me now, changing my hairstyle is kind of my hobby: I've cut them, dyed them in blond then in red, now it's auburn, well I think you got the picture. Since I'm fourteen, I've tried almost all the colors but the white...

If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook you know that I went in London a few days ago. My obsession became crazier when you see what the girls do with their hair there! But to dye my hair in white is quite a long process and the result may not be what I wanted... plus I don't even know if it will suit me.

Until then, I'll continue to get inspired over Pinterest  ... #sadme

Do you guys know a bit about this? What do you think about the color? Do you dye your hair?


  1. This is funny to me because I have had white hair since I am 25 and now I have so much of them that I have to dye my hair every 5/6 weeks. I guess we never have what we really want! lol

    I saw a girl do it at my hair salon. The process is quite long.

  2. as I've seen this trend I was kind of scared first but now.. it's amazing! :)