Wednesday, October 2

I'm moving

Yes, i do. I'm moving. It is the kind of step in your life of which you barely thought about. Having my own appartement (sharing with the BF actually) so soon, finding a job (besides the Magazine) so soon, what's next ? Will I be pregnant or what ?

Anyway, I put myself so much onto that new "life". The appartment was the big step and I wanted to find THE perfect appartment, even if it's only renting. And this was the one. White and pure walls, simple floors, modern kitchen and a bathtub (what would a good life be without some bubbles and some champagne huh?). It is also in the details, like this door for exemple. Or the old fireplace.

The second step was finding furniture. And shopping for design is even more exciting than shopping for clothing ! Who would have thought so ? Not me.

So if you are about to move, moving or you wish to, you'll enjoy those new articles I plan to write to show you how that empty space gets furnished.

Meanwhile, here is were I get inspired : Pinterest

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  1. beaucoup de bonheur et de succès dans cette nouvelle étape.