Sunday, November 17

Back Me Up Here : I've been tricked

Tricked by life. How ? Well, I've always said that I didn't know how to dress lady-like cause I hated dresses and skirt and too feminine stuff (with limits of course). But once you get a job in an semi luxury department store, things change. Go on and read the rest.

So it all started because I came one day at work, dressed with distress jeans, meaning big holes on my knees and scratches everywhere. Note that I was wearing a silky shirt and men shoes to be a bit  more "classy". It was more like scary: everyone was looking at my knees. You should know that I'm the youngest person in the management floor, and by that I mean that the point of view on a piece of clothes studied by two different generations is totally opposed.

Bye bye distress jeans, boyfriend jeans and any cool rebel stuff (included see-through shirts). The good point was that shopping for a new closet was so on ! It was hard to love myself with those garments at first. I tend to chose them wisely. If the cut was lady-like, the style should still fit my personality. So little by little, I found what suits me, or not. And here I am, tricked by life and wearing dresses (not everyday of course... do you want to kill me ?).

Have a nice Sunday !

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