Saturday, November 9

Deco details

So here are some deco details of the new appartment. I can't stop buying, thinking, imagining so that this place becomes the one I wished for. Deco shopping has never been more fun. But when I see how it turned out, I never thought my place would look like that. Read more to get my point.

Pinterest was, is, will always be my source of inspiration (duh?). I use to pin a lot of pure and clean deco spaces, super white walls, deer heads, black and white furnitures, well, everything that you don't see in those pictures. So I came up with a question: could the things you like not always reflect who you are ? 

I think the style I choose for my interior design is more like myself and less like who I would like to be or like the trends may dictate it. Which is good when you think about it cause it is really Home.

How would you define you interior style ? Did you thought about that ?


  1. Oooh, j'adore tout ces petits détails !!