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Thursday, November 21

Latest Obsession : Zara November 2013

This silhouette represents just my latest cravings and my biggest crush.
BOY, Zara, you got me. 
The End

Sunday, November 17

Back Me Up Here : I've been tricked

Tricked by life. How ? Well, I've always said that I didn't know how to dress lady-like cause I hated dresses and skirt and too feminine stuff (with limits of course). But once you get a job in an semi luxury department store, things change. Go on and read the rest.

Thursday, September 5

Black Hat in Stoneheaven

I'm back from all my travelling around the world. As I said in my last post, I tend to visit other cities while staying in Aberdeen. After Edimburgh, it was Stoneheaven. A little city in the south of Aberdeen. The landscapes were incredible and it was the perfect scene to shoot a quite simple outfit. Clicky if you want to know more !

Friday, August 23

Blue Jeans in Edimburgh

While visiting my boyfriend in Aberdeen, we decided to travel a bit in the cities around. Edimburgh was the first stop. The city is based on hills so you can find some pretty good spots with an amazing view.  You can also find a lot of second hand book shops, typical scottish shops and little cafés with sunny terraces. 

Friday, August 9

Latest Obsession : The suited up style

Although this trend is not a newbie and has been seen again and again on the catwalks for this season, I share my obsession for it now because I just wrote an article about it on (in)significant Magazine. Being a man and having all the rights to smoke, wear suits, split, and the rest that goes with it, is just what we wish to be sometimes. 

Tuesday, July 23

Latest Obsession : Pencil Skirts

I've been looking for the perfect pencil skirt for years now. The prob wasn't only the designs I found before, but myself. Pencil skirts tend to show off the curves, are feminine, ... Kind of NOT what I am. You love that one ? Keep reading for some inspiration !

Tuesday, June 11

Black Boots Mania

Black has always been my favorite color and boots are just myself incarnated into a shoe. So this might explain my black boots mania ... I just have them in all shapes, designs, materials you want. Of course, I couldn't put them all up on one pic but the ones saying hello here are quite my favorites.

Wednesday, May 8

A weekend in Paris

If you follow the Magazine, you would know that I went in Paris for a weekend with my colleague from a A Belgian Closet, Marie. 

Since shooting outfits and posting them on the blog wasn't my kind of thing at the end, the shootings of the magazine are perfect to show how I still love to dress, and even more when it is in the Capital of Fashion. 

The weekend was sunny and great, we were so lucky. So here are two outfits shot in beautiful Paris ...

Tuesday, February 19

What I Would Wear

If you follow (In)significant Magazine, you may recognize one member of the team: Marie. I always said that if I have a slim body one day, I'll dress like her. She just have a sense of style that I love. Here's one of her outfit I cherish the most.

Skirt: Asos - Knit: Mango - Heels: Alexander Wang - Bag: Proenza Schouler - Bracelet: Aurelie Bidermann - Beanie Eugenia Kim

Saturday, February 2

The Balmain-like jacket

Balmain has always been a brand and a name I could die for (mostly since Olivier Rousteing became head designer). I juste LOVE their work, their vision of the woman, their silhouettes, their signature, all the details in every piece they create, their capacity to make Couture that looks just effortless... Balmain.

Since I'm not someone who can afford these designs right now (one day maybe?), I just get inspired by the fashion shows and try to find pieces similar to the ones. I found THE jacket at Zara and I had to buy it. It reminds me of the last Balmain Fall2012 Ready-to-wear show. 

I just need to wear it now and a cool black leather pants and a white shirt. Have a nice weekend.

Friday, January 18

My "Wish I Had" Sales

If you read (In)significant Magazine you may have read my article about the sales. Well if you didn't, here's my selection and I wish I had more time to go buy them! What are your tips and tricks during the sales period by the way?

Zara – Topshop – Asos – Mango – New Look – Zadig et Voltaire- Sandro

Monday, January 14

What I Would Wear

I just love to dress like this! Pants are my besties since I don't really like to wear skirts and dresses. Wearing my jeans with a shirt makes it look more boy-ish. Big bold shoes to avoid the pretty look and some accessories like a straight cut leather jacket, a croco bag and some vintage look sunglasses. Ciao!